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Hi! My name is Patricia, founder of Wanderlust House. I am a travel designer, with an insatiable hunger for travel and exploring the amazing destinations our world has to offer.


Born in Havana, Cuba and raised in Miami, adding flavor, passion and excitement to everything I do comes natural to me. Learning about new cultures, food and music feeds my soul and continues to spark my intense desire to travel.


Wanderlust House is an ode to my personal wanderlust. Life changing trips that molded the way I perceive the world propelled the creation of a boutique travel company that would allow others to wander. We listen to your needs and ideas, and offer expert guidance every step of the way.


Your holiday dreams are our top priority. Choose a destination, tell us what experience you’re lusting for, and we’ll handle the rest. Every itinerary is curated to fit your travel style, budget, and expectations. Let us take you where you need to go and help you find your #wanderlusthouse.

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